The Barcelona CicloTour team start 10 year ago

Flexibility, attention to detail and the care we take with every customer has proved along the years.

About us

The Barcelona CicloTour team firmly believes cycling is the most fun, relaxing and informative way to get to know Barcelona. The company has been in operation for 10 years and is also proud to have been one of the first promoters of cycling as a form of tourism and daily transport in Barcelona, both of which are now well established in the city. The beauty of cycling as a form of tourism in an already busy city like Barcelona is, it is a sustainable activity offering no hazard to the environment or to the daily workings of the city.

Our flexibility, attention to detail and the care we take with every customer has proved along the years to have been our major strength and success. We appreciate that our business is not bikes but people and we take our responsibility seriously.

Over the years we have collaborated with major international and national Tour Operators, Event and Travel Agencies and have worked with Corporations and Institutions to bring premium quality service through tourism to groups and individuals as they experience the wonders of this beautiful city by bike. Barcelona attracts visitors from every corner of the globe and we are proud to be able to offer bike tours and in 7 international languages for free.

All our guides are multilingual and handpicked for their excellent people skills. They are well travelled and extremely knowledgeable of the city's history, past and present. They are integral in bringing fun and excitement to the many tours and activities we offer while always paying close attention to the client's needs and safety.