The raison of exist of Barcelonaciclotour and Barcelonarentabike is to offer each people who visit our city a quality service, show them both typical and unusual places and make their stay an unbeatable and recommendable experience. May your experience with us always have a prominent place in your memories.

We offer ourselves as an alternative way to public transport to get to know the places and each corners of the city. Both with our varied tours where we visit the most well-known areas and others less, as well as with our bicycle rental service, the most sustainable way to enjoy culture and get to know the lifestyle of Barcelona is to do it by bicycle, your design and nature have shown us after 15 years of experience.


We are pioneers of this service in the city and we want to continue to be , in addition to being the first to provide this type of service in Barcelona for 15 years, we are the company certified by Turisme de Barcelona and other official tourist entities to offer rental and Guided bike tour, this gives us the commitment and support to offer a reliable and trustworthy service.

Everything and being a company with activity itself, we consider a service both to the person and to the city, getting rid of traffic jams and crowds in different areas, in public transport, decongesting the crowds that can a priori be consider when talking about tourism.


Customer service: We always provide customers with the most honest information that we can give, responding only to what the person needs and clearing up each and every one of the doubts they may have, in a friendly, reliable and close manner.

Respect for the environment: Our nature is always the maximum regarding the environment, caring for and respecting each element that we find on the way, we start from the base that we do not pollute the least and that we are indirectly favoring to minimize the environmental impact.

Respect for people: Mandatory premise within the company and with any collaborating person. It is mandatory and it cannot be otherwise, in our company, to respect the person next to us and in labor matters, we are committed to suitable and stable labor relations, within a framework of equal opportunities.

Personal development: To the extent possible, the necessary measures are provided for professional and personal development, collaboration, teamwork and staff promotion.

Innovation and search: We try at all times to grow at the company level, consequently each member of it grows on a personal level, developing ideas that can benefit the social group in our area as a result.

Transparency, honesty and integrity: We must show at all times the essence of the company, what we have been working on for 15 years since our foundation and what we consider our greatest asset; excellence when treating any person, honest, ethical behavior that respects the dignity of each person with which it is taken into account and transparency both in each and every one of the communications and in the management of activity, in communication, treatment, etc...

Service to society: We have a clear commitment to be a service to society and a complement in environmental matters that the city needs for the respite that we give to both polluting public and private transport when our clients choose a bicycle for their trips to their destination. vacation.

Credibility: We have earned the credibility of our words through our deeds, having the support of such important entities as Turisme de Barcelona attest to this, although we have to continue working reliably to continue in this line of respect and innovation in the future .

We believe that there is no more sustainable activity than that carried out on a bicycle, if we are talking about mobility, and healthy if we are talking about what it means to transport yourself with the energy that you generate yourself.